Away We Go! Ten Awesome Field Trips

Published with Permission
Written by Kelly Vittoria

As any homeschooling family knows, much of our children’s learning actually takes place outside of the home. Field trips can be an exciting, if not essential, component of your family’s curriculum. They spark an interest in children of all ages and can be valuable resources to enhance lessons being taught in the home.

Following is a list of ten free or low-cost field trips that can boost learning and in some cases help nourish your child’s soul: (more…)

Homeschool Basics – Tips and Helps for Homeschool Families

Written by Jolanthe

Homeschool Basics - tips and helps to homeschool your child

“I want to homeschool, but where do I start?”

This question and many others from parents considering homeschooling show up in my inbox each week and this series began in hopes of helping answer them. While I don’t claim to have all of the answers to the questions, I hope to give some direction to helpful resources available and a little more of a peek at how things are in our homeschool time.

If you are thinking about homeschooling, this series may be a help to you as you begin – or an encouragement to you as you continue your homeschool adventure. Posts are still in the works for several topics, but those completed are linked below.

Ready to start? (more…)

The Importance of Early Language Learning for Baby

Published with Permission
Written by Marsha Peterson

Babies enter this world with great curiosity and a willingness to learn. The first three years of life, and some may say the first eight years of life, will be the most important learning time for your baby. During this time baby pathway connections in his brain are being developed as he makes sense of things in his world. Reading to your baby and teaching him sign language are two ways to boost your baby’s language development.

In a July 2006 issue of WebMD, Jennifer Warner states that it is never too early to read to your children. Researchers from the study found children in low-income families had better language comprehension and cognitive development if their mothers read to them at an early age.1 is a website dedicated to helping families with reading. In their experience, “Children who have had books in their lives between birth and five will become the future highest achievers with a lifelong love of learning.”2 (more…)