Under Arkansas law students enrolled in a home school must present a copy of a notarized notice of intent form to the Arkansas State Police when they take the written portion of the Arkansas driver’s test.

Public and private school students must show a school report card with at least a C average. Rather than showing a report card, home school students show a copy of a notarized notice of intent form.

Home schoolers who have a notice of intent on file with the local superintendent, but failed to get their notice of intent notarized or make a copy of it can simply complete another intent form, get it notarized, and use it to obtain a driver’s license. Since a current notice is already on file with the superintendent, there is no need to turn in a second notice to the superintendent. Simply keep the second form for your own records.

In rare cases, the State Police have attempted to require more of home school students. They have asked for report cards or asked that the local superintendent sign the notice of intent to home school. These are not required.

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