State Laws

What does Arkansas law say about home schooling? Find out here.

Curriculum & Resources

Need help sorting through curriculum and other resources? Click here.

State-Mandated Testing

Who has to test? Where do I take the test? When? We’ve got answers here.

Extracurricular Activities

Want information on extracurricular activities enjoyed by home school students? We have it here.

Special Needs Students

My child has special needs. Is home schooling still an option for me? Yes. Here’s how.

Driver’s License

What does my home schooler need to know before applying for a driver’s license? Find out here.

Local Support Groups

Find home school support groups in your area. Click here for a complete list.

National Organizations

What national organizations are there that support home schooling? Click here for a complete list.

Preparing for College

What do I need to know to prepare my student for college? Find out here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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