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Are Nursery Rhymes Still Important?

Written by Kathleen Powers   Yes, they are, but sadly, more and more children come to school today with little knowledge of them. There are many reasons—busy parents without time to read the rhymes, foreign-born parents unfamiliar with the … Continue reading

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You Are Interested in Homeschooling but…

Written by Lisa Trombley   You are afraid you are not patient enough. You are afraid you are not smart enough. You are afraid you are not qualified. You are afraid your children won’t listen to you. You are … Continue reading

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Toys That Teach—Playing to Learn

Published with Permission Written by Lindy Abbott   Ask children, “What is a toy?” and they will quickly reply, “It is something to play with, fun, and used over and over again.” Then ask adults, “What is a … Continue reading

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