60+ St. Patrick’s Day Activities – Preschool and Kindergarten Community

Taken from Homeschool Creations
Posted March 7, 2014


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St. Patrick's Day crafts and activities for kids



March 17th is just around the corner and here are some fun St. Patrick’s Day activities, snacks, resources, and printables from past Preschool and Kindergarten Community link ups that you are going to love! Rainbows, leprechauns, and gold abound – get ready for some fun!       (more…)

Homeschooling With Preschoolers

By Deb Turner


Thirty years ago, this very young mother put her daughter onto a big yellow school bus. That precious 4-year-old seemed so small. I stood there and watched her step onto the bus—lifting her feet high to climb the tall steps. I was ready to wave, but she didn’t look back. A new chapter for her had begun, and the simple, uncluttered years had come to an end.

Four years old is young for kindergarten. In our state (New York), if a child is going to be 5 by December 15, he is expected to begin kindergarten. However, it is not mandatory until the child turns 6 years of age by December 15. The pressure is on to get our children enrolled right away, and since that long ago day when I put my first child onto the big yellow bus, the pressure has increased, and the age has been lowered—the sooner the better, so the experts say.

As homeschoolers, how concerned should we be about teaching our preschoolers? We face many challenges in catering a homeschool menu to a variety of ages—not the least of which is what to do with our preschooler. There are no “twelve steps to success” for homeschooling with preschoolers in the home. Every family is different, every child is different, and each set of circumstances is different.      (more…)

10 Great Subtraction and Addition Apps for Kids

Taken from www.education.com
By Tia Benjamin
Updated on Jan 9, 2013

Practice makes perfect, and budding mathematicians can build their subtraction skills and addition ability with a range of apps.

If the idea of mixing math with summer fun horrifies your kid, she may reconsider after playing a math-centered (and entertaining) app. Competitive kids can test themselves against others in multiplayer contests, and outdoor types might find they enjoy mixing math and gardening. Get your reluctant mathematician excited about numbers again with these top ten subtraction and addition apps.    (more…)