This packet contains:

  • Basic Requirement Info.
  • Notice of Intent to Home School Form
  • Instructions on completing the notice of intent form
  • Arkansas Home School Law
  • Department of Education’s Home School Rules and Regulations
  • The Education Alliance Brochure
  • State Wide List of Arkansas Home School Support Groups
  • The most recent update letter from The Education Alliance.
  • Home School Legal Defense Association information.
  • BoxTops 4 Education program flyer.
  • Any other additional information deemed helpful.

Important Note: In 2015 the Arkansas Legislature ended mandatory home school testing. Currently, the Arkansas Department of Education’s rules and regulations for home schoolers still contain language about state-mandated home school testing. We expect the Department of Education to remove this outdated language when it approves new rules and regulations for home schoolers. In the meantime, please be aware that the language in the Department of Education’s rules and regulations is incorrect: The State of Arkansas does not require home schoolers to take a state-mandated test.

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