Life Lessons Learned at the Swimming Pool: NO RUNNING!

Who hasn’t heard that whistle blow and the lifeguard shout, “No Running!”  As a parent it is easy to explain that running on the pool deck is dangerous simply because it is wet and it could cause us to slip and accidentally hurt yourself or someone else.  As a child, though, we instinctively know that the shortest distance between the ladder and the diving board is a straight line and the best way to beat your friend and be the next in line is to RUN!  (more…)

Life Lessons Learned at the Swimming Pool: Taking the Leap!

Ask any child what their favorite summer activity is and more often than not they will answer exuberantly, “swimming!”  I loved the pool so much that I was on the swim team, became a lifeguard, taught swim lessons and was a swim coach.  The neighborhood pool is an incredible place for family bonding, learning and development if we’ll let it be.  For a few weeks I want to talk about lessons that can be learned at the swimming pool to make sure we’re getting the most out of our summer fun!


Using Old Newspaper as Mulch…

It’s spring time, and everyone is gearing up to plant their gardens.  Some gardeners (like my wife) start their plants before spring–using greenhouses or trays of dirt under a lamp in the corner.  Others (like me) wait until the very last minute to break up the ground in the yard.  However, no matter which type you are, every garden has three natural enemies: Weather, Pests, and Weeds. Today’s article deals with addressing one of those enemies, the Weed.