It’s spring time, and everyone is gearing up to plant their gardens.  Some gardeners (like my wife) start their plants before spring–using greenhouses or trays of dirt under a lamp in the corner.  Others (like me) wait until the very last minute to break up the ground in the yard.  However, no matter which type you are, every garden has three natural enemies: Weather, Pests, and Weeds. Today’s article deals with addressing one of those enemies, the Weed.

Now, we could write dozens of articles about chemicals and plants that can be incredibly lethal for weeds. Today, however, I have a link to a simple eHow tutorial on using old newspaper and grass clippings to form a ground cover that will keep the weeds out of your garden.

Check out the eHow tutorial here.  The process is very simple, even though the tutorial is a little vague.  Basically, just lay newspaper and grass clippings over the dirt between your plants. This ground cover will rob the weeds of the precious sunlight that they need, and will make it very difficult for weeds to thrive in your garden. Please note that covering your plants/seeds with this same ground cover will kill them equally as well, so be sure that you give them some room to breathe.

What cool anti-weed tips and tricks do you have? Leave them in the comments section below.

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