Heroes of the Faith Day

Published with Permission
Written by Carol Barnier

My husband got a very worried expression on his face. “What is that little girl going to do with that hammer and giant nail in our house?”

“I don’t know,” I said with great concern. “What would Martin Luther be doing with a hammer near our front door?”

The little girl in the robes of a sixteenth-century monk wasn’t the only oddity roaming around my house that day. Another young man had on an aviator’s jacket and goggles. Yet another child wore a massive ragged-looking fur coat and carried a bundle of mysterious possessions. What was going on here? (more…)

The Amish: Simplicity and Satisfaction Personified

Published with Permission
Written by Shannon Swanson

Envision this . . . You wake up every morning, before the sun rises. The animals need to be fed, cows need to be milked, and eggs need to be gathered. In just a few hours, a very big country breakfast will be served back at the house, prepared with what you have gathered during the early morning hours. The entire meal will be made without the use of electricity, food processors, microwave ovens, or running water.

The remainder of the day will consist of much physical labor for the men, while the women diligently tend to household chores and prepare meals. The work will continue like this until the sun sets, late in the evening.1

Although this lifestyle may seem old-fashioned to you, it is quite up to date (more…)

A Modern Famous Home Scholar

                                                  Blake Griffin

Home schooled until high school, Blake Griffin grew up playing basketball with his older brother Taylor and followed him to the University of Oklahoma, where the brothers led the Sooners to the Elite Eight of the 2009 Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament. Blake was selected no. 1 overall in the 2009 NBA Draft by the Los Angeles Clippers, while Taylor was selected 48th overall by the Phoenix Suns. Blake Griffin is often described as “a man among boys”  for his massive size and awesome athleticism. His dunks are already legendary. Griffin, who’s mom is white and dad is black, considers being biracial an asset, allowing him see the world from both sides of the racial divide and giving him a broader sense of perspective.