But I Can’t Teach My Child Music!

Published with Permission
Written by Marcia Washburn

Homeschooling parents are busy people—so much to teach and so little time. Important subjects such as music are often delegated to others or relegated to “when we get around to it.” Yes, there is evidence that playing an instrument improves a child’s spatial-temporal ability and physical coordination. And yes, the Bible says to make music in our hearts to the Lord, but how can you fit music into your already overloaded school day? What if you are musically illiterate? What if private music lessons are out of reach? Here are some ideas to start you on your way toward making music a part of your family’s life.

• Enjoy great music together. God created music as a means for us to voice our love and adoration of Him, both here on earth and in heaven. Start each day with quiet worship music. Sing together during your family devotions.

In addition to songs of the faith, every child needs to know the folk and patriotic songs of his country. Wee Sing 1 has great selections if you’re not comfortable teaching the songs yourself. (more…)