Away We Go! Ten Awesome Field Trips

Bonus:  Some facilities offer surprisingly peaceful and inspiring chapels or general prayer/worship areas, which offer a nice break from the overall coldness and possible chaos that may be found in a hospital. Children may be given some souvenirs to take home, such as a paper surgical cap. Also, being familiar with the facility may help reduce children’s potential fears should they or a family member ever require hospitalization.

8. Art Studio

Major Educational Themes: Art, Art Appreciation

How to Schedule: Call a nearby studio and ask if they can offer a special tour for your homeschooling group. If not, consider attending an open house, which is usually offered free of charge. The studio may also offer an introductory painting, drawing, or sculpting class to interested students, for a nominal fee.

Bonus: Children will be able not only to see completed works of art, but they also may have the opportunity to watch an artist create a piece. Many artists are more than happy to answer questions about their work, including questions about style, method, and inspiration.

9. Recycling Plant

Major Educational Themes: Environmental Preservation, Science

How to Schedule: Some recycling plants do not offer tours, for safety reasons, so be sure to call and ask before making any plans. This tour should be free.

Bonus: Children may be able to make a small craft out of recycled materials.

10. Soup Kitchen/Food Pantry

Major Educational Themes: Social Responsibility/Charity, Nutrition

How to Schedule: Most soup kitchens and food pantries are desperate for volunteers and are more than happy to teach the community how they operate. There should be no cost for this tour, but donations of food, money, or time would be eagerly accepted.

Bonus: Your children will leave with the satisfaction of knowing that they helped the less fortunate. They will also come home with a renewed sense of appreciation for God’s blessings and Jesus’ message about helping the less fortunate and downtrodden.

Kelly W. Vittoria is a writer, registered nurse, childbirth educator, and former homeschooling mother of one. She lives on Long Island, New York, with her son DeVante and their cat Lisa. She would love to hear from you and can be reached at

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