Rep. Cook’s HB 2144 Sent to Interim Study

March 31, 2009 | Posted in Legislation | By

Today, Rep. David Cook asked that his bill, HB 2144, be referred to an interim study.  This means that the bill is not going to be passed this session, and is no longer a threat.

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Bad Home School Bill Update: It’s Still Heading to Interim Study

March 20, 2009 | Posted in Legislation | By

I wanted to give everyone an update on Rep. Cook’s home school bill, because I know many of you follow the legislature pretty closely.

If you’ve looked at the legislative agenda today, you may have noticed that Rep. Cook’s bill, HB 2144, is still on the calendar for amendment. Don’t worry; it isn’t going anywhere. Rep. Cook has assured me he plans to refer the bill to an interim study—as we said yesterday.

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David Cook Home School Bill Going to Interim Study

March 19, 2009 | Posted in Legislation | By

Please spread the word to all home schoolers that they can stop calling their lawmakers about Rep. David Cook’s bad home school bill. This fight is over.

Rep. David Cook informed me this morning that he is going to ask that his home school bill, HB 2144, be referred to an interim study. This is very good news. This means that no hearings will be held and no vote will be taken. Rep. Cook has asked Rep. Les Carnine of Rogers to spearhead a committee to discuss home school issues over the next 2 years and make recommendations to the Arkansas Legislature for the session in 2011. I have agreed to participate in those meetings.

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