Congratulations to The Education Alliance’s Class of 2013!

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Here they are in alphabetical order:

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Common Core State Standards Initiative: Too Close to a National Curriculum

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In 2010, the National Governors Association published their “Common Core State Standards” (CCSS). These were meant as voluntary math and English guidelines which individual states could adopt.

Numerous organizations grew concerned about this push to standardize what public school students are taught. They explained that states were being enticed by the federal government—through the Race to the Top program—to align their state curriculum with the CCSS, resulting in de facto national standards. They were concerned that this would lead to a national curriculum and national test, and that the pressure would grow for home school and private school students to be taught using this national curriculum.

During President Obama’s 2012 State of the Union speech, the president stated, “We’ve convinced nearly every state in the country to raise their standards.” How were the states convinced to adopt the CCSS? Read more →

Mountain View Home Schooler Catches Fish, Loses Bicycle

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When 12-year-old Garrett Stephens reeled in a 26.5 inch catfish, he was thrilled at the prospect of winning first place in the Hooked on Fishing competition sponsored by Mountain View Middle School. Garrett’s hopes were dashed, however, when school principal Robert Ross told him that he was not eligible to win because he was a home schooler. Garrett’s mother, Amanda Stephens, said that Coach Randal Story had given permission for Garrett to fish. “Garrett was embarrassed,” she said.

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