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No question about it, autumn is my favorite season. Once the sweltering heat of the Georgia summer is over, I want to get outside as often as possible. Anytime I do have to be inside, I want to either be baking or crafting — or maybe crafting something while snacking on whatever goodies I baked earlier!

I’ve rounded up nine fun fall leaf-themed crafts I plan to do with my kids as soon as the leaves start to change.

fall leaf crafts

1 – leaf “stained glass”

Start with an autumn nature walk, then come home and start crafting!

2 – leaf critters

Yes, this page is in Russian but, no instructions are required for this project; just look at the leaf critters on that site to get creative ideas to make your own adorable leaf animals!  (Use Google translate if you want to read the page in English.)

3 – leaf maze

Got a yard full of leaves? Have a little fun while you rake, and make a maze for the kids!

4 – shaving cream leaves

This craft doesn’t use real leaves but it’s still a fun leaf-themed project for just about any age child — or mom! If the kids are doing a fun craft, why shouldn’t mom get to join in? In fact, the kids will think it’s even MORE fun if you join in!

5 – hammered leaf prints

This simple project could make wall art if done on nice paper and framed! A parent or older child should be the one to wield the hammer, but little ones can find beautiful leaves of different colors to use for the project.

6 – maple leaf rose

I will most definitely be making some of these myself! This project may be too hard for younger children, but older ones (and mom!) can have fun creating roses out of maples leaves.

7 – fall mobile

A simple enough project for elementary aged kids, but interesting enough for much older kids to make, too. Use leaves, pine cones, whatever fall treasures you find in your yard or on a nature walk.

8 – negative leaf impressions

Don’t miss the blogger’s advice to press your leaves for a day after collecting to make this project come out even more art-worthy.

9 – salt dough leaf prints

These are so beautiful, I think they’d make delightful grandparent gifts!

Jamie is a wife, mama, home educator, and shutterbug who never ventures far from a steaming hot mug of tea. Her kid range in age from preschool to adult, which means there’s rarely a dull (or quiet!) moment in her home. Also find her on twitter or facebook.

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