by Cindy Short and Sue Welch, co-editors
Taken from Newsletter #375


Look around at your church, support group, relatives, or neighbors.  Is there anyone who would appreciate a little help in considering or starting to home school?  Here are some ways you can help.

1.  Tell Your Story

Realistically give your convictions and reasons you home school, as well as your experience, both challenges and successes.

2.  Provide Information

Point your friend to various sources of information, including the following:

•  Encourage your friends and support group to sign up to receive this Homeschool Foundations Series.

•  The Teaching Home website offers hundreds of articles, including:
Frequently Asked Questions (also in Spanish)
Articles on Getting Started
Checklist for Starting a School Year
Back Issues of The Teaching Home Magazine

•  Basic books on home education, such as:
Homeschooling: The Right Choice by C. Klicka
The Christian Homeschool by Gregg Harris

3.  Share an Experience

Schedule a day or a week of homeschooling together (call it a Day Camp or something fun!).  You could work on basic skills, explore just one subject area of interest and/or do a simple unit study, such as one of the Free Homeschool Unit Studies online.

A field trip on the last day would round out a good sampling of homeschool opportunities.

Of course the best way to help someone is to pray for them and be there to answer questions and give encouragement!

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