Toys That Teach—Playing to Learn

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Written by Lindy Abbott


Ask children, “What is a toy?” and they will quickly reply, “It is something to play with, fun, and used over and over again.” Then ask adults, “What is a toy?” and often they will think of things seen in a store display or even reflect about their favorite toy while growing up. Such a simple question may sound silly, but it is really essential. If we are going to discover toys that teach, we must first determine what makes an object a toy.

Manufacturers are keenly aware of their customers’ motivations and consequently often promote their products as “educational.” They make toys that they hope will appeal to both children and parents. Of course, all parents want their children to play, but parents also want to encourage their children to learn. Finding toys that promote a child’s ability learn while he plays sounds like a perfect purchase—money well spent.

In theory, this all sounds ideal—everybody wins! However, in reality, are educational toys the best toys? Or more precisely, are they toys at all? Read more →

No, It Doesn’t Take a Village, but . . .

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Written by Mary Hood, Ph.D.


No, it doesn’t take a village to raise a child. It takes a committed family unit to raise a child. However, the judicious use of community resources can add a lot to the home base. We always said that our home was the heart of our homeschooling, but most of our learning occurred out in the larger community.

When our family first began homeschooling, few resources were available to homeschoolers. There were no support groups, no curriculum fairs, no catalogues arriving in the mail, no Facebook, and no Internet. What we did have were numerous community resources: libraries, church and secular organizations, volunteer opportunities, and family field trips to a myriad of interesting places. Read more →

Lessons From Moses: How to Teach Our Children to Give Excellent Reports

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Published with Permission
Written by Zan Tyler


The story of Moses sending out the twelve spies to scout out the Promised Land is one of my favorite accounts in Scripture. This story has it all—intrigue and adventure, suspense and drama, rebellion and obedience, faith and treachery, blessing and cursing—even lessons for homeschooling parents on how to teach. It is a story about God, His people, and an assignment.

In Numbers 13:17–20, 25 (HCSB)1 we learn the content of the assignment Moses gives the spies, as well as the manner in which he delivers the assignment.

Important Guidelines for Giving Assignments Read more →

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