The Organized Car

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Published with Permission
Written by Malia Russell


One thing I have added to my list of “impossible dreams” is a beautiful, clean, perfect looking car. With five children in our family, there will always be stray items, occasional spills, and some level of dirt on the floor in our car. However, “organized” is not the same thing as “spotless.” When I think of “organized,” I think of what I need to have ready and available. Whether you are going on a trip across town or across country, there are some things that are helpful to have in the car. Making sure they are available in plentiful supply will be a blessing to your family. Read more →

The Gift of “How to Learn”

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Published with Permission
Written by Jessica Hulcy


Early in homeschooling, I read the biography of American physicist Robert Oppenheimer, the Director of the Manhattan Project, who was responsible for assembling and leading the team that developed and detonated the first atomic bomb. True, Oppenheimer was a genius, but it was his “immersion method of learning” that struck me. At age 5 his grandfather gave him a collection of rocks, and he quickly learned to lisp all the difficult geological specimen names. After several obsessions with architecture, poetry, and painting, Oppenheimer, at age 11, returned to his rocks and began to correspond with the New York Mineralogical Club via his new found typing ability.

So passionately and professionally did Oppenheimer pursue his correspondence that Club members assumed Oppenheimer was an adult. When they invited him to present a paper to the Club, they were astounded to meet a 12-year-old boy, whom they made an honorary member. Read more →

A Modern Famous Home Scholar

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Home schooled from the fourth grade, Joey Logano is known in racing circles by his nickname, “Sliced Bread,” as in, “the greatest thing since…” He has certainly established himself as one of the best young stock car drivers around. Logano starter racing when his was six and won the national junior stock car racing national championship just a year later. Logano went on to become the youngest driver ever to win the NASCAR Sprint Cup race, the youngest to take home Rookie of the Year honors, and the youngest to race in the legendary Daytona 500. Being home schooled allowed Logano to devote more time to racing than many of his peers. When an interviewer asked the then eleven years old Logano in 2001 if he felt like he was missing out on life with all the racing and training he was doing, his reply was, “I have home schooling and I really like that. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything by not going to school. I feel like I learn more that way.”