Akiane Kramarik

Akiane Kramarik is considered to be the youngest art and poetry prodigy in history, but chances are you’ve never heard of her. Kramarik taught herself to draw at age four, began painting at age six, and started writing poetry when she was seven. She also speaks four languages: Lithuanian, Russian, English and Sign Language. According to Kramerik, God taught her how to paint and write, and has been appearing and speaking to her in dreams and visions since she was three. Prior to Kramarik’s encounter with God her family had no serious religious commitments. Her mom, a Lithuanian immigrant, was an atheist and her American father was a lapsed Catholic. They, along with Kramerik’s four brothers, are now devout Christians as a result of Kramarik’s influence. Kramarik’s first painting sold for $10,000 and she has since sold paintings for as much as $1,ooo,ooo, making her one of the wealthiest child art prodigies in the world and one of the richest teens in the United States.

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