Home schooled from the fourth grade, Joey Logano is known in racing circles by his nickname, “Sliced Bread,” as in, “the greatest thing since…” He has certainly established himself as one of the best young stock car drivers around. Logano starter racing when his was six and won the national junior stock car racing national championship just a year later. Logano went on to become the youngest driver ever to win the NASCAR Sprint Cup race, the youngest to take home Rookie of the Year honors, and the youngest to race in the legendary Daytona 500. Being home schooled allowed Logano to devote more time to racing than many of his peers. When an interviewer asked the then eleven years old Logano in 2001 if he felt like he was missing out on life with all the racing and training he was doing, his reply was, “I have home schooling and I really like that. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything by not going to school. I feel like I learn more that way.”

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