Prayer Requests for German Homeschoolers

Most German homes school families have left the country or have stopped homeschooling because of severe pressure from the government. The remaining 25 families that continue to home school in Germany are defending their unpromising cases in court. Penalty payments for some of them amount to $5,000 US; some are in an early stage of court battles; some are facing undeserved custody battles; for others jail has already been executed. Please pray for persistence and wisdom in each case.

Several home school defense societies have been busily publishing leaflets, books, websites and thus promoting homeschooling. Please pray for some positive affect from these promotions that both the government and judges would be affected and change their attitudes. Please also pray for all members of Parliament (both federal and state) to change their mind and become supportive rather than hostile.

Lobbying by sending out letters or petitions doesn’t seem to change anything for good. There is a lot of discouragement on the part of the defense societies regarding how to support the hunted families. Netzwerk Bildungsfreiheit (Network for Freedom in Education) is operating a chatroom which used to be quite active. Unfortunately, it has declined and seems to have become meaningless or insignificant. Netzwerk Bildungsfreiheit lacks ideas for further promotions of the home school movement in 2009. Please pray the Lord would give them wisdom and will guide their steps. Pray also the Lord will provide someone to come alongside them who will have the ideas they need.

Please pray for a revival of dedication to the home school movement. Pray that those families who stopped home schooling would feel convicted to home school once more and pray also for new families to begin homeschooling regardless of the disadvantages. They need courageous and determined parents who are willing to fight to secure what they feel is best for their children.

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2 Responses to Prayer Requests for German Homeschoolers

  1. Rina Groeneveld says:

    I’m not sure where you get your figures from, but you are totally wrong about “the 25 families who remain”. You must be referring to a specific group of families, because a) no-one knows how many homeschooling families there are in Germany, because there are some who don’t have any contact with any of the homeschooling networks (I know at least 3 of these) and b) of the ones I know (and I am just one person), I was able to list 19 within a couple of minutes (many of those are “unschoolers”, so I’m sure that the 25 families you mention are hardly represented in my list).

    In actual fact, there have been several positive developments for home educating families in Germany in the last few months. First, the Brause family had the case against them dropped by the judge for lack of evidence. Then the Dudeks’ appeal was granted and their case sent back for re-hearing. This does not mean that they have gotten off, but at least they are not going to jail for the time being and hopefully they will be able to make use of recent experience by the Brause’s and other families to fight their case more effectively the next time round. A family by the name of Paul had the case against them dropped by the judge as well, because they introduced a large volume of “Beweisanträge” (motions to admit evidence) and the judge decided rather to discontinue the case (with the state being responsible for the costs) than to continue it against them and have to read out all these motions.

    Then, last but definitely not least came the second round of the Neubronner’s case against the education authorities in Bremen, which they lost (the judge did not admit any of the evidence that they had) but in which the German media was won over. In all the newspaper and TV news reports (and there were reports in every major German newspaper and on every major TV channel in the news that evening) the tone was one of “Why does the German government not allow home education when it is legal all over the rest of Europe?” Several of the reports mentioned the positive socialisation of home educated children and the lack of evidence for the development of “parallel societies”. So, generally, things are not as bleak as they are painted here. So, although this might not be concretely felt by individual families in their individual situations, attitudes in Germany are changing.

    The Netzwerk Bildungsfreiheit does not have a chatroom, it has a forum, btw.

  2. Kinderlehrer says:

    Action Requests for German Homeschoolers

    Here is a new focussed campaign that we’d appreciate your members getting behind, leading up to the Highländers tour of Germany, in May/June.

    A second very practical adjunct to this is for any of your members who write German to email the educational committee members listed onAdlernest – the first online portal for German homeschoolers under “Abgeordnete”. We ask that you remain positive and highlight your personal successes with home education, particularly how well integrated into your community you are. 🙂

    Both of these initiatives will really help get the ball rolling again.

    We look forward keeping you updated with further actions that build on these too.

    Schöne Grüße