Today’s House Education Committee meeting at the Capitol passed rather uneventfully. Many legislators are using this period to shore up supporters and find people who will speak on behalf of their legislation, so some agenda items are being tabled or passed over for the time being.

The Legislature is quiet on the surface, but a lot seems to be brewing underneath.

On Monday, I wrote that no restrictive home school legislation is expected to be filed this week, and it appears that is going to be the case; the Senate will wrap up its business this afternoon, and the House of Representatives will likely use the remainder of to day and tomorrow to finalize its weekly agenda before going home for the weekend. However, next week could be a completely different story.

Right now, a number of lawmakers are discussing various possibilities for home school laws. We’re still fairly certain that bad legislation is going to be introduced, but it probably won’t be until sometime next week or the week after. When that happens, we will still likely have several days before making our case in the first committee meeting.

On a brighter note, there are also rumors of some home-school-friendly legislation that may come up in the near future. Rest assured that, good, bad, or ugly, we will keep you posted on all the home school bills filed at the Capitol.

We want to hear from you, though. What kind of home school laws do you want passed this session? Which laws could make Arkansas friendlier toward home school students? There’s a comment form below; please use it to express your thoughts and tell us how Arkansas could better benefit home schoolers throughout the state.

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