MINAS GERAIS, BRAZIL, December 23, 2008 – Cleber and Bernadeth Nunes have been convicted by a second civil court in Brazil for homeschooling their children despite passing government-imposed tests that teachers admitted they could not pass themselves.

The three judge panel in the court of second instance refused even to examine the test results, which give a passing grade to both of the Nunes children for a series of highly rigorous tests on a variety of subjects including mathematics, geography, science, history, Portuguese, English, arts, and physical education.

The civil court also refused to receive into evidence an assessment showing that the children are psychologically healthy, have a good relationship with their parents, and have friendships outside the home.

Cleber Nunes told LifeSiteNews that he intends to appeal the case to the Superior Tribunal of Justice, a federal appeals court, and if necessary he will appeal the case to the Supreme Federal Tribunal, the nation’s highest court.

Contact information:

Cleber Nunes (he speaks English) can be contacted at cleber@andradenunes.org
To contact the Brazilian Embassy:

Embassy of Brazil in the USA
3006 Masachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008-3634
Phone: 202-238-2700
Fax: 202-238-2827
Email: ambassador@brasilemb.org

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