Stock Market Knowledge For All Ages

August 10, 2009 | Posted in Informative | By

Below is a letter from Susie Hardeman, author of Stock Market Knowledge for All Ages. Susie’s book has found favor with many home schoolers looking to teach their children about finances; I know many of you picked up copies at the last home school convention.

Stock Market Knowledge for All Ages is now available for purchase online; below are some of Susie’s own words on the book and the experiences that led her to write it.

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Home School Family Cookbook

February 19, 2009 | Posted in Recipe | By

Spice things up in your kitchen with HSLDA’s new cookbook, compiled especially for homeschooling cooks.
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The Home School Guide to College

February 19, 2009 | Posted in Preparing for College | By

What happens to a homeschooler after they finish homeschooling? The homeschoolers that choose college may face an uphill battle compared to their public-schooled peers. Going from homeschooling to college is more than just attending class. A homeschooler may never have written a paper, attended class in a typical classroom, or had to study something he/she didn’t like. As a result, they face a more difficult transition to college than a typical high school graduate. Read more →