Wishing You a Holly, Jolly Christmas

We are celebrating Christmas each day for the next week with short stories and memories about the Christmas season. Today we want to wish you a “holly, jolly Christmas.”

When you hear someone wish a “holly, jolly Christmas,” your mind probably jumps straight to Burl Ives. After all, he made the song famous, singing it on his own hit record and in the TV special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Many people assume Ives wrote the song himself. The truth is, the song was written by a little-known artist named Johnny Marks.

You’ve probably never heard of Johnny Marks, but y (more…)

Was that the Doorbell?

Taken from http://heartofthematteronline.com/was-that-the-doorbell/

My second favorite Christmas tradition is our “Christmas Eve Box“. Sometime during the evening of Christmas Eve…our doorbell rings (a fast neighbor…who can run baby run)…we let our kids run to the door…there on the step is a box. It has stickers, stamps and looks like it has traveled far..maybe even across the ocean!

There is a letter attached…usually in a “poem” talking to the kids about their year, blessings upon them for the upcoming year and wishing them a Christmas to remember! It is signed by only saying …”Wishing you a White Christmas“! Now my girls still are very unsure who this is from…my son, I think knows but I won’t give in when he asks…I act as surprised as the kids.