By Carrie Stoelting and Stacie Stoelting

The “unsinkable” Titanic represented the finest that modern man could accomplish. People relished in Titanic’s luxury and hailed her as the unsinkable carrier of free society. Yet it only took an iceberg to sink her.

Indeed, it only takes a leak to sink a ship. Right now, our freedoms are slowly drowning. Government is creeping into our private lives more and more and stripping away our personal freedoms.

Consider the court case involving the Romeike family, Common Core, and UNCRPD as only the tip of the iceberg for our beloved country. Yes, persecution against Christians and homeschoolers is truly on the rise in the U.S. Only with Christ-centered families can we stay afloat.   

For years, the American family was the bedrock of our country. Now, that tried and true foundation is crumbling. If America is going to fight back to keep her freedom, then it is up to the family to stand up. Yes, it is now up to Christian families –especially homeschooling families- to rise up and lead. Dr. James Dobson said, “Those who control what young people are taught, and what they experience-what they see, hear, think and believe-will determine the future course for the nation.” Yes, Dr. Dobson said it well. In essence, if children are taught that what is evil is good, our country will deteriorate. For example, indoctrination in government schools promotes rejecting God and His precepts which furthers the breakdown of family and our country. However, if children are taught what is honorable and righteous, our country will soar again. When parents love, nurture, and teach their children absolute values, our country benefits. Indeed, we believe that, whenever possible, homeschooling is the best answer if America is to have a brighter future and stay afloat.

As home school graduates, we thank God for our parents. They conveyed the importance of engaging children in civics. We have been involved in the government process ever since elementary school. For example, as and sisters from Iowa, we experience the presidential election up close and personal. It’s exciting to meet presidential candidates, attend town hall meetings, and take an active role in a campaign. It is imperative that young people become involved in the workings of our republic.

As young adults, we are active in the charge to encourage home school families to step up and lead –our country depends on it. We founded Unite the, an outreach to inspire and educate others about how to make a positive difference in America. By God’s grace, we have been blessed with opportunities to sing across the country and share on major media including FOX News, American Family Radio, etc. We are also available to speak and sing at home school conventions. Now is the time to bow down before the Lord and stand up for what is right!

The final sentence in the Declaration of Independence reads, “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”

Homeschoolers, now it is our turn to do the same: our freedom is at stake. In our work we are often asked, “How can I help prepare my children to become leaders?” Well, we are on a mission to help. Here are a few tips:

1. Encourage your children to talk with veterans and learn about their experiences and sacrifices on the battlefield and home front. If America’s youth would gain an understanding about the great sacrifices made to keep them free, they would appreciate our country and our veterans.

2. Educate your kids about the wealth of opportunities and advantages that are available in America. Watch documentaries about third world countries and countries under tyrannical law. Or, if possible, visit a less privileged country. That way, your children will value freedom and opportunities in a new way.

3. Take field trips to historical landmarks. It will make America’s history ‘come to life” and they will appreciate our nation’s heritage on a personal level.

4. Make sure that your kids read the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Explain the meaning of each document and allow them to appreciate the documents for themselves.

5. Be a role model to your kids. Show them how they can make a difference in America by voting and demonstrating government practices. Take them to political meetings and to your State Capitol.

More information and tips can be found in our new book titled Unite the USA: Discover the ABCs of Patriotism. Published by a division of Thomas Nelson, Unite the USA offers an abundance of effective methods to fight for freedom on the home front. Our book can be used as a supplemental resource for political science and U.S. History in homeschool curricula. (Visit to learn more.)

Homeschoolers, America is counting on you!
Our future depends on it. May we uphold and hold dear what is inscribed on the Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor/Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”   We must not abandon ship. We must tighten our hold of the Bible and tighten the ranks. Yes, let us continue to proudly hold and carry the torch of freedom for all to see. Homeschoolers, march on! With God, victory remains secure.

About Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth Stoelting are home school graduates and recording. They share across the country and on major such as FOX News and American Family Radio. The Stoelting sisters just released a new book titled Unite the USA: Discover the ABCs of Patriotism. Published by a division of Thomas Nelson, Unite the USA motivates, educates, and stimulates patriots to make a positive difference in America. Learn more about their work at or

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