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Homeschooling with babies and toddlers–now there’s a challenge. It’s especially difficult when you’re dealing with sleepless nights and sick days when the little ones just need their mama. But you can do it. The Lord gave you those beautiful children and called you to homeschool them, and He’ll help you with all the challenges you face.

These magazine articles can give you more advice than I can pass on in this column about practical ways to homeschool with littles:

3 Sanity Saving Strategies for Homeschooling with Toddlers – Terri Johnson

Homeschooling with Preschoolers – Deb Turner

Preschoolers to High Schoolers–All at Once – several articles on pages 148-168

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I also want to talk to you about doubt. I heard you are doubting yourself again. Failure. Really? Let’s find out:   

So here’s a check list. Let’s find out if you really failed: 

  1. You genuinely loved on your children this week.
  2. Your house was/is far from spotless, but is certainly a healthy environment. (Look at your kids; they’re fine.)
  3. You made delicious meals this week–many times. (Look at your kids. If anything, they’re chunky monkeys. They’re not starving.)
  4. They learned this week. You had conversations with them. You taught them. You were a role model. Perfect? Please. WHO is?
  5. There was progress made for certain behavior modifications. Huge leaps? Maybe not, but progress.
  6. They giggled a lot this week. In fact, if anything, they’re a little *too* secure in your love and acceptance of them.
  7. There’s music in your home. Well, maybe we won’t call it that, but your kids do. (Look at them; you dare to tell them their music isn’t real?)
  8. LAUGHTER happened this week in your home. Crying did too, but that’s part of life, and it’s better they see a realistic home than some fakey phoney one. YOU are no charlatan, Mama. You kept it real.
  9. God’s word prevails in your home. You look to the Lord as your highest authority, and the King of kings is your Father. You are leading your children to Him. You’re not perfect, but you do model faith and commitment to the Lord of lords.
  10. And lastly, your kids love you. Look at the way they want you to WATCH them do this, and WATCH them to that. They don’t even want to do a cartwheel without “the Mama” seeing their accomplishments. “Watch me, Mama . . . look at meeeeee!.”

Funny how they look to you, Mama. They want your favor; they want you to be proud of them. It’s because you are the one they run to when they fall down. You have always wiped their tears; your compassion is ever-ready and available. And Mama, they always remember that care you so freely gave. There may be breaks during the relationship. They may run a foolish mile. Pray for them, cry out to the Lord for them, and remember that you sowed godly seeds into them all their life; these won’t return void. God has a plan even then. In the meantime, love those babies and keep doing what you’re doing. You’re on the right track.

~ gena

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