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Taken from Teaching Home Magazine (10/8/2013)


•  The Book of Stuff to Do Outside, free 12-page e-book.

•  Vivaldi and the Four Seasons. Free 34-page teachers guide e-book.

Click here to see unit studies, lapbook lessons, crafts and learning activities!

Free Autumn Unit Studies & Lessons

•  Homeschooling for Free: Autumn Unit Study. Short online guide including links for study and activities in science (photosynthesis; equinox), geography, agriculture and math, and literature.

•  Autumn Leaf Unit Study. Includes the parts of a leaf and a video, “Detailed Scientific Explanation of Why Leaves Change Colors,” a great science resource for older kids.

•  Leaves and Photosynthesis. 3 pages: lesson, questions, answers.

•  Autumn: Middle Level Lesson Plan. Free 29-page e-book with lessons and learning activities.

•  Handbook of Nature Study. Outdoor Hour Challenges and Nature Study for Homeschoolers. Free printables and newsletter.

•  Unit on Leaves. Includes many subjects and activities.

•  Pinterest Board: Autumn Leaf Unit Study. 165 pins!

Free Lapbooks & Notebooks

•  Lapbook: Fall Unit 1: Pumpkins, leaves, corn, and more.

•  Lapbook: Fall Unit 2: Apple, Sir Isaac Newton, art.

•  Notebooking Autumn. Free 112 printable journaling pages for students from K-12.

Celebrating Autumn:
HSLDA’s Home School Heartbeat

“Incorporate new traditions into your homeschooling routine to celebrate the coming of autumn.” – Mike Smith.

Creative suggestions for taking advantage of seasonal opportunities to make learning more fun in everything from science to art.

•  Listen online to these five 2-minute radio programs or read a transcript.
• Get Some Autumn Air
• Focus on Fall Activities
• Don’t Leaf Out Science!
• “When the Frost Is on the Pumpkin”
• Celebrations of the Season

Fall Arts, Crafts & Learning Activities

•  Autumn Teacher Resources. Lessons, printables, reference articles, activities, and more from Teacher Vision.

•  Fall play dough recipes. Feature autumn shades and spices that fit the season perfectly.

•  Adorable Little Animals made out of leaves.

•  Fall Leaf Prints made with leaves and water colors, plus learning activities.

•  Fall Craft Projects for Kids, includes pinecone birds, rock mushrooms, and strawberry necklace (made with a walnut!).

•  Fall Lessons: Leaf Stamping, Life Cycle of a Tree.

•  Cute Paper Pumpkins.

•  Fall Pumpkin Place Card Holders (or just set a row of these on a shelf as a decoration).

•  From Martha Stewart:
Fall Floral arrangement.
Fall Crafts

•  Rustic Glam Candle Holder made with twigs.

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