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If you have struggling math learners who need a little jolt of fun included in the school day, you might want to locate low-cost or free resources that will assist your child in learning to love math.  After doing a search in Pinterest, I was astounded by the amount of free online math games available that I haven’t been taking advantage of! This school year, I now know that I’ll be sprucing up our math programs- making it a much more fun learning experience for my kids.

If you’re looking for some online resources that will help your kids enjoy math, try these resources.

ABCYa.com is a leading educational game stop for kids in grades K-5.  Among the games and apps available are math games, designed to help kids understand number concepts.

Cool Math for Kids is a nice balance of colorful online lessons and practice, puzzles, and math games. Divided into two sections (kids over 13, and kids under 13), you’ll be able to match up the lessons and games with your students. Many of the games are divided into categories such as logic, skill, memory, or board games. [Continue reading]

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