Good Job, Mama

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Pregnant Mama with little boy

I watched my kids weave through the pumpkins, enjoying the sun on my face and the brisk autumn air. From the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a mama, belly ready to burst, buying pumpkins with her little one. He was near 3 years old and a cute little button of energy. I observed as she maneuvered around pumpkins with her pumpkin-sized belly, hand holding her sweet, lively boy.

He asked for something, she told him no, and two seconds later he was on the ground flailing in the dirt, letting her know *exactly* what he thought.

I saw the exasperated look in her face, the desperation, the exhaustion, the overwhelmed feelings sweep over her.

And, quick as that, the Lord whispered to me, “Joy, go over there and put your hand on her shoulder. Whisper to her, tell her she is a great mom, encourage her heart right now.

My immediate response came just a fast, “Lord, she and everyone else here will think I’m nuts! This is America! You don’t just walk over to someone stranger and put your hand on their shoulder!” (more…)

How to deal with family opposition to homeschooling

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Karen Davis

Over the years homeschooling, I have learned three basic rules for dealing with extended family. I learned these the hard way. And I have noticed that others have found them helpful. So I am writing them out and posting them in this season of lots of folks deciding to homeschool. Please feel free to pass them on to individuals or to groups where you think it would be a blessing.

By the by, I no longer use words like never and always lightly so that word choice is not accidental.

Many, perhaps we could even say most, new homeschoolers deal with opposition for their choice from extended family members. This can be difficult to face, especially when you are still shaky yourself. Here are three rules that I have found invaluable in warding off, or at least diminishing, family opposition. They are not rules for how you think about homeschooling, but rather for how you present it to extended family members and in family gatherings. (more…)

Common Teaching Approaches

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Sometimes when you are searching for teaching materials for your children, it’s not just the number of products that is confusing, but it’s a shock to discover that the products are coming from different ideas of how children should be taught and what they should be learning.

A home school curriculum fair is kind of like an interdenominational meeting, but there aren’t just doctrinal differences–there are different educational philosophies, different teaching approaches, and different convictions about what kinds of lifestyles home schooling families should have.

Common teaching approaches

All home schooling materials fall into two main categories: traditional textbook curricula and non-textbook curricula.

The Traditional Approach- (more…)