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Top of the Mountain

There was a time when heights weren’t an issue. Not frightening. Then a certain little boy with no sense of caution entered our household.

Being a mom changes you.

Issues that never seemed to matter before, suddenly do. Deep down, a passion for those things begins to bubble up and spill over. There is a new depth to emotions.

Being a mom changes you.

Responsibility settles in. Selfishness has to find another home, even though it is determined to take root.

Being a mom changes you.

Sometimes those changes aren’t comfortable. Unpleasant even. Especially when they involve shining a bright light on a glaring character issue within yourself.

Being a mom changes you.

Joy is found in the simplest of everyday things. A smile. A snuggle. Laughter that spills over and overflows into every bit of your heart.

How has being a mom changed you?

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