Published with Permission
Written by Lisa Trombley


I do.  I know on paper (or the computer) many homeschoolers appear to have it altogether.  Not true.  I second guess myself all of the time.  Am I doing too much? Am I doing enough? Am I spending enough time on each subject?  Am I getting enough one on one time with each child?  How can I teach XYZ effectively if I don’t understand it myself?  Am I leaving gaps in their education?  How can anyone learn in this chaos (when you’ve been interrupted 10 times in an hour!)

I think those are concerns that we have all had at one time or another. There are even harder questions or situations that may come up.  Especially when you have a child who is a struggling learner, or special needs.  The questions you ask yourself may be harder then, especially when there is so much pressure from the outside for you to put him in a school where “professionals” can teach them and they can be taught the “right way.”  The doubts may increase even more when there are specialized therapies that you are only eligible for if you put your child in school.

Being a parent is hard!  You have to be the one to make the decisions that you think are best for your child and pray that they are the right ones.  Homeschooling is hard.  The house is a mess half (or most) of the time (at least mine is ; ), you are tired, and always wondering if you are doing enough or too much.

One thing that I never doubt, is that being at home is the best education possible for children.  There is no better teacher than a loving parent, there is no better loving  environment for a child to learn and thrive in.  I am sure of that.  Some days you may do too much, some days you may not do enough.  It will balance out.  If you feel like it may be too much, cut back.  If the kids are bored and look as though they need more to do add something in (or hand them a book!)  Try to find a balance that allows you to spend time with each child.  It may not be perfectly equal or even possible all o the time.  This too will balance out if you make it a priority.  Even public schools leave gaps in the child’s education.  Did you ever finish a textbook when you went to school?  I know I didn’t.  The school focuses on teaching to the test.  At home you can focus on teaching to learn and instilling a love of learning.  Interruptions are OK!  Real life is full of interruptions and kids can deal with them too (I have been interrupted 8 times while writing this!)

There is no professional more invested in your child than you.  It is hard when you have a struggling learner or a child with special needs.  You can successfully keep them home.  Don’t listen to the people that make you feel as though you are harming your children by homeschooling them.

God has entrusted you with the love and care and education of those children He has blessed you with.  Take your doubts, cares, needs, concerns to Him.  He will provide you with what you need.

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