What Are Parents For?

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Written by Deborah Wuehler

“Cursed be he that setteth light by his father or his mother. And all the people shall say, Amen” (Deuteronomy 27:16).

Quite an interesting verse—a curse from God Himself is associated with the light esteem of parents. Yet it seems that our society today does just that.

The English phrase setteth light is a translation of the Hebrew word qalah, which means “base, condemn, despise, lightly esteem, set light, seem vile.”1

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A Modern Famous Home Scholar

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                                               Julian Assange

Something of an international man of mystery, Julian Assange is an Australian journalist, activist and computer hacker best known for founding the notorious whistle-blower website, WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks was founded by Assange in 2006 and has repeatedly made headlines through its leaks of classified government and military documents to the public, including several damning reports of neglect, abuse, torture and misconduct by the United States in its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Assange was home schooled for several years while traveling with his parent’s touring theater company. He continues to live a nomadic lifestyle as an adult, claiming to spend most of his time in airports. A U.S. criminal investigation, an arrest warrant from Interpol, and calls for his assassination certainly give Assange reason to stay on the move.

Do You Ever Have Doubts?

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Written by Lisa Trombley


I do.  I know on paper (or the computer) many homeschoolers appear to have it altogether.  Not true.  I second guess myself all of the time.  Am I doing too much? Am I doing enough? Am I spending enough time on each subject?  Am I getting enough one on one time with each child?  How can I teach XYZ effectively if I don’t understand it myself?  Am I leaving gaps in their education?  How can anyone learn in this chaos (when you’ve been interrupted 10 times in an hour!)

I think those are concerns that we have all had at one time or another. There are even harder questions or situations that may come up.  Especially when you have a child who is a struggling learner, or special needs.  The questions you ask yourself may be harder then, especially when there is so much pressure from the outside for you to put him in a school where “professionals” can teach them and they can be taught the “right way.”  The doubts may increase even more when there are specialized therapies that you are only eligible for if you put your child in school.

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