House Education Committee Votes Down “Tim Tebow” Home School Law

On Tuesday the House Education Committee failed to pass HB1789, the “Tim Tebow Home School Law.” This law would have allowed home schooled students to participate in public school extracurricular activities. The bill received only 7 votes from the 20-member committee. Rep. Mark Lowery (R-Maumelle) is planning to present the bill again on Thursday. The Arkansas Education Association, the Arkansas School Board Association, the Arkansas Association of Educational Administrators, and the Arkansas Activities Association testified against the bill in committee today, and all are trying to kill it.

Anyone who wants to see this bill pass should contact members of the committee listed below. Below is a list of the members of the House Education Committee and how they voted on HB1789 today.

Voted for the Bill
Rep. Les Carnine – 479-636-2619;

Rep. Jon Eubanks – 479-963-6217;

Rep. Bruce Cozart – 501-767-5999;

Rep. Charlotte Douglas – 479-430-0170;

Rep. Mark Lowery – 501-803-9062;

Rep. Mark Biviano – 501-230-5751;

Rep. Ann Clemmer – 501-316-0364;

Voted Against the Bill
Rep. Homer Lenderman – 870-926-7914;

Rep. John Catlett – 479-495-9662;

Rep. Gary Deffenbaugh – 479-474-5895;

Rep. James Ratliff – 501-454-8200;

Rep. Charles Armstrong – 501-224-5071;

Rep. Brent Talley – 870-983-2717,


Rep. Robert Dale – 479-331-3503;

Rep. John Edwards – 501-664-4938;

Did Not Vote
Rep. Karen Hopper – 870-431-8934;

Rep. Jody Dickinson – 870-523-8222,

Rep. Sheilla Lampkin – 870-367-6349;

Rep. Debra Hobbs – 479-636-3982;

Rep. James McLean – 870-698-1399;

Note: Rep. McLean is the chairman of the committee; generally, committee chairs do not vote on a bill unless the bill appears to be one vote shy of passing.

Call or email the members of the committee. Ask them to vote for HB1789, the “Tim Tebow Home School Law.” You can leave a message at the House switchboard during normal business hours. Call 501-682-6211. Be sure to thank the representatives who voted for the bill today.

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4 Responses to House Education Committee Votes Down “Tim Tebow” Home School Law

  1. Julianne Kirschman says:

    Thank you to my representative Brice Cozart for voting for this bill! Also thank you to the others that voted for this bill also. As a mother who has stepped out of public school teaching so I can raise my own children with my own values I can understand both sides of this issue but I do not see how it would harm the schools to allow talented children to participate in activities. Are we not trying to raise a nation of leaders?? Please reconsider as this woudl benefit many! I am chosing to homeschool my children as this is what works best for my family and the needs of my children. I am saddened to think that because I value the education I want to offer my children that they should be shorted the ability to particpate in extra curricular activities. I still pay taxes to the school and my children deserve the opportunity to make choices.

  2. Courtney Williams says:

    I emailed every single one of them. Thank you for this article. 🙂

  3. A Carson says:

    Emailed each of them.

    “Please consider supporting the Tim Tebow Home School Law. We, (home educators), still pay taxes to help fund public education, and receive no tax benefits to offset the expense of educational materials. Should my children, however, be shorted the opportunity to participate in extra curricular activities offered to other tax paying families? What harm could it bring to widen the pool of talented children from which teams and organizations are formed? The law does state that home school children will have to abide by the same rules. My husband and I coach and lead many of the activities that our children are involved in, and we do not take our commitments lightly. I think you will find the same to be true of most home school families. I am asking you to offer all tax paying families the same opportunities for their children. You can do this by voting FOR the Tim Tebow Home School Law.”

  4. Beth Stauffer says:

    I emailed everyone. I don’t understand why this wouldn’t pass. It doesn’t make sense to me. A vote against this bill is a vote against equality. I thought our nation was moving TOWARD equality, not away from it.