Roll Call Vote from Tim Tebow Debate

Below is the outcome of the vote on SB774, the “Tim Tebow” bill, from this morning. The bill failed yesterday, but was re-run this morning at 9:00 AM. It failed by one vote.

If passed, it would have allowed home schoolers to try out for extracurricular activities at their local public school.

Not Present

Rep. Toni Bradford

Rep. Kathy Webb

Rep. Bobby Pierce

Rep. Randy Stewart

Rep. Jerry Brown

Rep. Jody Dickinson

Rep. Tracy Steele

Rep. Tommy Wren

Rep. Johnnie Roebuck

Voted for the Bill

Rep. Donna Hutchinson

Rep. Duncan Baird

Rep. Tim Summers

Rep. Debra Hobbs

Rep. Les Carnine

Rep. Karen Hopper

Rep. Ann Clemmer

Rep. James McLean

Rep. Jane English

Rep. Eddie Cheatham

Voted Against the Bill

Rep. Robert Dale

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One Response to Roll Call Vote from Tim Tebow Debate

  1. Anne McDaniel says:

    Twenty-five other states support some form of access to these programs for homeschoolers. Hopefully, we won’t have to be the last state to wake up and smell the potential. Shame on Representative Dale for his second “no” vote and those who didn’t show up at all to vote the second time ( Rep. Toni Bradford, Rep. Kathy Webb, Rep. Bobby Pierce, Rep. Randy Stewart, Rep. Jerry Brown, Rep. Jody Dickinson, Rep. Tracy Steele, Rep. Tommy Wren, and Rep. Johnnie Roebuck).