Arkansas Notice of Intent and Waiver Form Online

Hello again, everyone.  We’ve taken a slight hiatus from the blog this summer as we’ve been updating some of our services and information.  However, I wanted to remind everyone that the Notice of Intent and Waiver Form for homeschoolers is currently online.

You can download both forms by following the instructions here.  Remember that the August 14th deadline for 2009 is approaching quickly. Note the deadline has been moved up to August 14th because August 15th is a Saturday.

If you have any questions, give us a call at the office: (501) 978-5503.

About David Cox

David is a former home school student. In 2007 he graduated from John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, with a bachelors degree in Business Administration. He currently works as Education Alliance's primary IT employee, webmaster, and blogger. David and his wife live in Little Rock.
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2 Responses to Arkansas Notice of Intent and Waiver Form Online

  1. Marcia R says:

    Has anyone heard of a 4th page to turn in with the Intent? I went to turn mine in yesterday and they advised me that there is a 4th page to sign that is something about testing our kids if we decided to place them back/in Public School. Not taking our word for what grade they are in. Which is a little confusing cause don’t they ask for your last testing scores anyway when registering them? I know they did us last year when we tried it for 2 months.

  2. Melissa Savary says:

    Dear Marcia,

    There is no fourth page to the NOI. That is a separate form that the district has added and they are not supposed to add anything. You are not required to fill out that document only the NOI and the waiver form. Please let me know if you have any other questions.