Home School Curriculum.  There are as many preferences as there are choices.  In my experience, nearly every home school family has a particular group of curricula they use for educating their children.

Growing up, the big names in home education were A Beka, Bob Jones, and Saxon.  Some years, my brothers and I had a different curriculum for each subject!  One thing’s for sure: Home schooling allows parents to mix and match the right books for their child’s needs.

I want to hear from you.  What’s your favorite curriculum?  Does your family use one curriculum for math, another for history, and still another for english?  Tell us about it!

The upcoming home school conventions are going to feature a wide variety of curricula for you to choose from.  Tell us what curricula you use and what you like to shop for at the convention.

Just leave us a comment below with your thoughts, and let us hear from you!

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