Nonviolence Youth Summit Part 10

Arkansas Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission
Honorable Mike Beebe – Governor of Arkansas
DuShun Scarbrough – Executive Director/Agency Spokesperson
501 Woodlane Avenue, Ste 122 South, Little Rock, AR 72201-1023
Phone: 888-290-KING (5464) • Fax: (501) 683-1310

TO:                 Partners in Education  

FROM:          DuShun Scarbrough – Executive Director/Agency Spokesperson

RE:                 Change of Venue for 2014 “6th Annual Statewide Commemorative Vigil and March”

                        Invite to the “Nonviolence Youth Summit Part X-LIFE AFTER HATE SERIES”


For years, we have carried the tradition of hosting the Commemorative Vigil honoring the life and legacy Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the State Capitol.  We are pleased to announce that we are moving the location of this year’s Commemorative vigil from the State Capitol to Harrison City Hall, 116 South Spring Street, Harrison, Arkansas 72601.


On Tuesday, April 1, 2014, the first event to kick off this extraordinary celebration is the “Unity Arts Celebration.”  This historic event will take place at The Lyric Theater, 113 West Rush, Harrison, Arkansas 72601 at 6:00 PM. The theme for this event will commemorate The Beatles’ 50th Anniversary, their musical contributions to the Civil Rights Movement and their shared message of love and peace.  All of the performances that evening will reflect a song or album recorded by The Beatles.


Immediately following the “Unity Arts Celebration,” we once again commemorate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  We will have a march starting at The Lyric Theater located at 113 West Rush Avenue, Harrison, Arkansas 72601 at 7:15 PM and ending at Harrison City Hall located at 116 South Spring Street, Harrison, Arkansas 72601. Immediately following the march, the “6th Annual Statewide Commemorative Vigil” will begin at Harrison City Hall. Thus, The Arkansas Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission commemorates the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and cordially invites you to be a part of this tradition.

On Wednesday, April 2, 2014, the Arkansas Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission with the assistance of the Arkansas Department of Human Services, will host the “Nonviolence Youth Summit Part X-LIFE AFTER HATE SERIES” at the North Arkansas College Durand Conference Center, 303 N Main, Harrison, AR 72601, from 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM. This event is free and open the public, but prior confirmation of attendance is requested. Free lunch will be provided.

Our mission is to teach youth in all regions of the state. We have had great success in holding our past nine Nonviolence Youth Summits, which have each garnered the attendance of hundreds of youth. These summits have been held in West Memphis (January 2010), Pine Bluff (May 2010), Fayetteville (October 2010), Little Rock (May 2011), Hope (October 2011), Harrison (February 2012), Forrest City (October 2012), El Dorado (May 2013), and Helena-West Helena (September 2013). Please visit,, and for photos and videos of our past Nonviolence Youth Summits.

Therefore, the AMLKC cordially invites you to attend all events free of charge. SummitSummit

We ask that you please RSVP by email to– Program Coordinator with a list of those attending and participating as well as a signed registration form (which is attached at the end of this document) by Friday, March 14, 2014, so that everyone who attends will be accommodated accordingly. We thank you once again for your anticipated participation in events that help the present and the next generation achieve Dr. King’s dreams of understanding and acceptance of nonviolence and human equality as a way of building unity among all Arkansans.  For more information, please contact the AMLKC office via phone at (501) 683-1300.or via fax to (501) 683-1310.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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The Biology of Auditory Processing and Short-Term Memory Issues

By Dianne Craft, MA, CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professional)


• “My son has an auditory processing problem. He had a lot of ear infections and bronchitis when he was younger. Is there a connection?”

• “My daughter has been diagnosed with a short-term memory problem. What can I do about this at home?”

The Most Common Processing Problem

As I cross the country, speaking at homeschool conventions, many moms come to my booth asking these questions. Of all the Four Learning Gates that can be blocked, making learning more difficult for a child or teenager, a blocked Auditory Gate presents the most challenges. It affects not only learning but also life in general.

The last Struggling Homeschooler column was titled “What Can I Do About Auditory Processing Problems?” In that article, we explored the symptoms of an auditory processing problem and the two methods that I have used in my teaching career and in my consultation practice to aid children and teenagers with this blocked learning gate: (1) bypassing the blocked learning gate, and (2) correcting the blocked learning gate. In this article we will discuss nutritional approaches that aid kids, teenagers, and adults who have auditory processing problems.

Common Physical Conditions in Auditory Processing Problems

When searching for “corrections” for an auditory processing and memory issue, I have found targeted nutritional interventions to be extremely helpful.   Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning: Is This a Real Phenomenon?

By Heather W. Allen


My task in writing this column, if I understand it correctly, is to pick one of the themes in each month’s issue and provide statistics, or the facts if you will, underlying that theme. How cool is that? Here I get this great list of themes and I have the freedom to pick and choose and then dive in and start researching. My instructions were very clear and fairly easy to follow.

I have to admit up front that I am a little compulsive when it comes to cleaning. I desire a clean home, a decluttered home, a home that sparkles and has lots of “empty”: empty spots on shelves, empty spots in closets, empty spots in rooms. Am I there yet? Not by a long shot. Thus, while I kept looking at the various themes included in this issue, I kept going back to the theme of spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is very important because a home reflects, in part, the state of the family. If a home is cluttered, disorganized, and dirty, life is often one of chaos rather than order. Everything is more difficult when order is not maintained. Items needed can’t be found, or when located they are often not in condition to be used. It’s hard to put items in their proper place when you’re finished using them because either they don’t have a proper place or there are so many other things competing for the space that it’s hard to easily put those items away. If my home is cluttered, disorganized, or dirty, I feel tired and hopeless. I guess I feel like that because my life is out of control and I’ve become a servant to stuff. Wow, that’s a sobering thought: a stuff-centered home.    Continue reading

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