Paperwork for the Home School Family

Written with Permission
By Malia Russell

Taxes. Medical bills. Permission slips. Calendars. Rosters. Phone trees. Papers to grade. Schoolwork to file. Artwork by children. Prayer journals. Bills. Bank statements. Ads. Junk mail. Newspapers. Magazines. Legal paperwork.

No wonder the word paperwork has a bad reputation. It seems benign as it quietly seeps into our happy homes. Then it gets stacked, piled, filed, pushed, dumped, hidden, and crammed until it can no longer be ignored. Finally, in frustration or out of necessity, we spend half a day struggling with paperwork. One curse of the electronic age is the speed with which we can take a single message, mass produce it, and send it all over the globe. Unfortunately, paperwork is one area we simply cannot afford to ignore.

Although I have not yet found a solution to eliminate the constant deluge of paper found in our homes, I have found that there are some things you can do to make handling all that paperwork a little easier. (more…)

Organization is the Key

Used With Permission
By Lakisha M. Johnson

I write mainly for newbies. Those of us that have only been home schooling for the last few years. I am a mother of five (5) sons, two of which who are already in college. Because we had children later, we have different ages in our home. Homeschooling for us, has been quite an interesting process. We aren’t a typical homeschooling household. We have a business that we run from home and I also teach for a local college. One of the key things that we have found out is staying organized is key! It can get crazy around here, if we let it! The 2 year old needs a parent to himself! So we have found preparation, organization and time management is the key thing in keeping us organized. Here are some things that we have found helpful to us during a home school week: