The Education Alliance is a division of Family Council. Based in Little Rock, Family Council was established in 1989 in association with Focus on the Family and Dr. James Dobson. Family Council is a conservative research and education organization dedicated to upholding traditional values in accordance with biblical principles. Family Council and The Education Alliance are nonpartisan, non profit, and tax-deductible. We are governed by an independent board of directors, and we are supported entirely by charitable gifts from the people of Arkansas. The Education Alliance was established as a division of Family Council in 1998. Since then, we have served as Arkansas’ largest state-wide home school organization. In addition, we are the contact organization with the Home School Legal Defense Association. Our full-time staff is dedicated to serving the needs of home schoolers across the state of Arkansas.

Why We Support Home Schooling:

  1. Home schooling provides parents with the opportunity to fulfill their responsibility of ensuring that their children are educated.
  2. Home schools provide a one to one teacher to student ratio.
  3. Home school teachers love their students unconditionally.
  4. Home school curricula and teaching styles are designed specifically for each student.
  5. Home schools provide the opportunity for spiritual and moral training.
  6. Home schools provide a safe and orderly learning environment.

The Mission of The Education Alliance

Quality education for all Arkansas children is at the heart of our mission. We believe parents should be able to obtain a high quality education for their children through our system of public and private schools, as well as home schools. We believe parents have a God-given responsibility to ensure that their children are educated. Therefore, parents must be free to choose the type of education they believe is best for their child. We seek to promote, protect, and strengthen home schooling by serving as a statewide home school support organization dedicated to helping anyone interested in home schooling.

Our Mission is to Meet the Following Needs:

  • Availability: Home schooling needs to be an option for as many Arkansas parents as possible.
  • Regulation: Home schools need to be defended from unnecessary regulation.
  • Involvement: Parents who home school need to be informed about home school issues and involved in promoting, protecting and defending home schools.
  • Public Opinion: The general public needs to be educated about home schooling.
  • Public Policy: Laws that will assist home schooling need to be passed and laws that will hurt home schooling need to be defeated.
  • Support Groups: Arkansas needs a viable network of home school support groups in communities around the state.
  • Education Choice: Parents who choose to transfer their child from a home school to a public or private school need to be able to do so without discrimination.
  • Opportunities: Students who are enrolled in home schools need to be able to access educational and extracurricular opportunities the same as students enrolled in public or private schools.
  • Post High School Assistance: Home school students need help securing enrollment in institutions of higher learning, acceptance into the military, and securing jobs without discrimination.