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A Life Style of Learning – 25 years later…

Taken from I still remember the day, some 25 years ago or so when my mom taught us the envelope system.  Every time we made some money, we’d set aside 10% for tithe and giving.  I don’t remember if I … Continue reading

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Skip Counting Ideas

Taken from Here’s a Skip Counting Lesson we worked on! I got out our 100 Poster and we looked at skipping numbers to count every second number, every fifth number, and every tenth number. 

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Should Reading and Spelling be Taught at the Same Time?

Taken from Some things just go together. You know…like spaghetti and meatballs, salt and pepper, and Snoopy and Woodstock. Or like reading and spelling. But wait…should reading and spelling really be taught together? As strange as it may seem… I recommend that … Continue reading

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