Top 12 Things Home School Parents Need to Know About the SAT and ACT

Written by Dr. Kuni Beasley
Taken from Practical Homeschooling Magazine #107
January/February/March 2013 Edition

1.  First Impression.  The more competitive the college, the more test scores are used to separate the GREAT students from the good students.

2. Use the SAT & ACT Websites.  ( &  There is a 50-point difference on the SAT between students who use the website and those who don’t (out of 800 maximum points)!  For the ACT, there is a 5-point difference (of of 35 maximum points).  As a minimum, we recommend a thorough trip through the websites, including taking the practice questions.

3.  Not Academic Tests.  The PSAT, ACT & SAT are not academic tests.  They are tests of reasoning ability and problem-solving ability.  Until recently, the SAT published on their website that the SAT was a test of “Reasoning Ability”.  The ACT is not much different. (more…)