Skip Counting Ideas

I made some quick number cards out of paper, we lined up 10, and I had Butterfly and her friends put two bears on every second number.  This was another good visual on counting by 2’s.  We count every two bears to reach a total of 10 faster.  Putting them on a number line helps visualize skip counting.

I spread out my easily made number cards to 20, in rows on the floor.  Including a gross motor activity works great with kids because when moving their body while learning a new concept really helps cement the lesson.  We skip counted by 2’s, by hopping on every second number as we called them out.  Stand on 2, jump to 4, jump to 6, jump to 8, ect.

We hopped on 5’s and then the 10’s as well.  It really shows the children how they can skip numbers in a pattern by physically moving their body on a larger number scale.

With a sit down craft, I had the girls trace their hands on a large piece of paper, in rows.  As many as they can fit on the paper.

Because we have five fingers on one hand, they counted by 5’s with their hand prints, finding out that they drew a total of 30 fingers!

Of course I had to have some Hand-Drawn Printables to go along with this lesson, worksheets at the end of a lesson is great to finalize practising a new concept.

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