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Thomas Edison State College is especially helpful to its students, because it accepts nearly a full degree’s worth of CLEP tests, enabling you to take or transfer nearly as many or as few classes as you like. Some schools accept only a few tests, while others accept any that will fit into their available degree plans. As you are selecting a college, find out how many classes you can test out of and how much money credit-by-exam testing will save you. Attending an online degree completion-focused school will save you the most money and time.

If skipping two to three years of schooling is not how you envisioned college, do not dismiss the credit-testing process. Some students decide that they want the college experience, but they also realize that the $100,000 price tag might be a little bit out of their price range. Check with your college to see how many credit-by-exam tests they accept (and which ones those are) to find out how much money you can save while still graduating from your ideal school. It is good to keep in mind that by simply taking approximately eight tests, saving you about $3,200 each at a $100,000 per year school, you could save enough to eradicate the average after-school debt of $25,000.

I knew little about the entire process when I started taking college courses, but as a result of studying information gleaned from websites, books, and friends, I learned quickly and found that the MyCollege process was completely doable and that I could even do it by myself! I could have chosen other options for guidance through the process, but I chose to continue on my own, because it was incredibly affordable and extremely rewarding. As a result of my choices, I will be able to gain valuable work experience, travel extensively, and go into the right career with a head start on my peers. You, too, can take advantage of this process and begin saving on college expenses today!

Clifford Stumme graduated from Thomas Edison State College in June 2011 at a total cost of less than $8,000 and plans to continue to pursue his education with a master’s degree from Liberty University in 2013. He also runs a consultation service called MyCollege that is dedicated to helping students finish college inexpensively, in less time, and with more options for their lives. To find out more, contact him at  

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