Updated: We Are Not Alone

Further heroics on the river earn him more than money—his reputation for cool-headedness grows. He moves to Illinois, and adds honesty in business to his reputation. Formally studying grammar and debate, working in a store built with logs he cut down and hewed, serving in the military, trying his hand at surveying and as postmaster, his wit ever attracts as his wisdom inspires admiration. Your stepson continues rising in the eyes of all around. Soon he uses his wisdom to defend the weak in court. Yet it is his wit that gains him an invitation to dinner with President Van Buren, who later says his sides ached from laughing that night.

He continues for twenty-three years as a lawyer, taking in partners, marrying, running for an occasional office. After the Kansas-Nebraska Bill allows the spread of slavery, though, he becomes serious about politics, winning a position as state representative. He receives several nominations for U.S. Senate and Vice-President before finally winning the race for President, even earning re-election, during the most difficult years ever, of our nation’s history.

Who is your famous stepson?  

Answer: Abraham Lincoln, known and respected worldwide, sixteenth president of the United States, U.S. Representative, Illinois General Assemblyman, successful lawyer, county surveyor, postmaster, Black Hawk militiaman, and home scholar.

Another question: What was Senator Stephen A. Douglas’ opinion of Mr. Lincoln?

Answer: He said, “You have nominated a very able and very honest man.”

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