Updated: We Are Not Alone

The following years are a parade of your son’s greatness in the world. He moves to the United States to escape Hitler. Indeed, he and some of his scientist friends are on Hitler’s most-wanted list and his German publications are burned as contemptible “Jewish physics”.

In America, though forced to learn English, he enjoys complete popularity, is even welcomed to the White House. He purchases a quiet home in Princeton, and takes a position at the Institute of Advanced Study, which he loves for its lack of fraternities, football, grants, and degrees.

His expertise in the realm of sub-atomic science and his acquaintance with the President cause your son to write and inform the President of a fact not reported in American press: that Hitler has captured Czech uranium mines.

Laying aside his life-long pacifist beliefs, he rationalizes that a world under Nazism would be worse than a world at war.

He dedicates his remaining days to helping scientist friends escape Europe, championing peaceful uses for atomic energy, and quietly moving the science world ever forward.

Who is your famous son?

Answer: Albert Einstein, Nobel laureate, creator of the theories of relativity and the hypothesis of particulate light, world-famous physicist, U.S. physics professor, author of innumerable books and scientific papers and one famous letter to the President, and self-taught home scholar.

 Another question: Can you quote his famous formula?

A: E=mc2.

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