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The young politician risks all, for justice. The Queen and her husband do not like him, calling him “the Jew”, but he is completely devoted and loyal to his Queen. As she warms to him, the accusations from jealous colleagues return—he is a Jew; he is only self-taught. Graciously accepting each defeat with courage, he moves on, leadingEnglandthrough troubles withRussia, theUnited States,India,Greece, andItaly. He encloses theLondonsewage system. Between sessions, he and his wife often visit with friends such as Napoleon, Eugenie, orVictoria.

Men begin rioting for reform and your son takes up the cause and wins. He wins the loud cheers of the people, honorary doctorates, and finally, appointment as Prime Minister.

The old anti-Semitism forces him from this position after a few months. Still, your son fights on. Eventually he savesEnglandfrom an imbalance of power inEuropeand war withRussia. In essence, he is the driving force of the Victorian Age and of the protection of the rights of man.

Who is your famous son?

Answer: Benjamin “Dizzy” Disraeli, direct descendant of the Spanish House of Xaprut and the Portuguese House of Marrano of Villareal, First Earl of Beaconsfield, British Prime Minister, statesman, author of Tancred and Endymion, spokesman for the underprivileged, and home scholar.

Another question for your thinker: How many other famous home scholars can you find mentioned in this post?

Answer: Four—Dickens, Goethe, Scott, and Queen Victoria.


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