Homeschooled Kids Scare Me . . . in a Good Way


By Kevin Mark Smith, Esq.

I’m experimenting on a group of homeschooled high school kids, aged 15–18 years. Specifically, I’m dissecting their brains to determine how swiftly their neurons transmit data and how this physiological process translates into their ability to think logically. I am not a doctor. I am not a scientist. I am an attorney.

My scalpel is a metaphorical one. It is the Socratic method of instruction wherein one question leads to an answer, which leads to more questions and yet more answers, with the ultimate destination being the truth. After just four weeks of teaching these kids Constitutional Law, my experiment’s initial result has affirmed the wise choice my own family made many years ago to homeschool our own kids.

Homeschooled kids are brilliant!     (more…)