6 Essentials to Inspire Your Young Artist

By Tim Chambers
Based on a recent survey, ten out of ten kids love to draw! I asked kids at my recent art workshop for a show of hands to the question “Do you like to draw?” Every hand went up. It was unanimous. (No animals were hurt during this survey, though some of the kids did get paint on their hands and clothes.)

Seriously, most kids do enjoy drawing, and it shows in their work and their enthusiasm. We love to hang our children’s art up on our walls, our refrigerators, and in our offices. They remind us of what it means to do something for the pure joy of it, don’t they? We frame some of our kids’ art, and even years later, they evoke a smile when we look at them.

I grew up watching my father do wonders with a plain canvas or paper. There was always an ample supply of art supplies and art books in his studio. My dad’s steady encouragement, instruction, and resources are a big reason why I followed in his footsteps as a professional artist. Many of us have children who love to create, though without an artist in residence to guide them. I’m here to give you a few ideas. Read on for practical suggestions about what you can do to cultivate your child’s art interests.