10 Tips for Logging Technology

Written by Shari Popejoy
Home Educating Family Magazine/2013 Issue 2

Dr. Jay Wile, author of the Exploring Creation series and Science in the Beginning, presented a workshop at our local homeschool convention: “Homeschooling – The Environment for Genius,” where he endorsed allowing children to play with electronics. At least that’s what I heard! Evidently, one aspect that people of genius had in common from their childhoods was hours of uninterrupted playtime, and Dr. Wile agreed that electronics might provide value to children.

So, in an effort to foster genius tendencies in my son, I actually schedule an hour of Snap Circuits some days.  Like education wrapped up in a toy, interchangeable components combine, creating circuits to build radios, fans, lights, and alarms.  I log all that creative playtime as science (magnetism and electricity), math (patterns and sequences), or reference skills (interpreting circuit diagrams).

Some creative ways to utilize electronics during the school day that even a truancy officer would admire: (more…)