Mercy Every Minute


Written by Deborah Wuehler, The Old Schoolhouse Senior Editor


We have written an abundance of articles about special learners over the years, through The Homeschool Minuteā„¢ email, and through The Old SchoolhouseĀ® Magazine. Here is just one article of many titled, “Ten Reasons to Homeschool Your Child With Special Needs.”

Rather than talking about these special, struggling, and different learners, I want to talk about their special, struggling, and different teachers. I have found in teaching my special learners, that I need special grace. Some days I struggle more than they do. Some days I am overwhelmed with feelings of inadequacy for the task–to the point that my inadequacies seem even larger than theirs. I struggle with having to meet so many different needs and feel that maybe my needs and theirs are just not being met. I believe that someone else could certainly do a better job teaching these children. I think that perhaps I wasn’t cut out for this special job after all.

What helps me keep these discouraging thoughts at bay and answer these questions is to ask a few more. (more…)